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5/22/2019 1:25:09 PM
So you design an entire timed dungeon around a weapon, then make the catalyst require multiple runs of a heroic version of that dungeon. You also design that weapon specifically around its ability to generate ammo on hits, meaning that the infinite ammo perk is [b][i]THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE WEAPON[/i][/b]. And then come to the conclusion that it shouldn't have this perk, effectively rendering the weapon, the hunt for the weapon, the catalyst grind AND the entire dungeon for said weapon completely irrelevant. Good job you actual idiots.. In the interest of making upcoming content more "challenging" you have made previous content redundant. I think it's about time bungle realise that they are the laughing stock of both their player base [b][i]and[/i][/b] the gaming community as a whole. Sort yourselves out , this is ridiculous.

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