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Destiny 2

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5/21/2019 7:21:46 AM

Exotic Bows need to be buffed

Bows need a more viable place within PvP. They are just too weak against the current meta. Legendarys are ok since you can get them at charge times of 600. Less if it has the right perks. But Exotic bows don't have the same level of power with in PvP as legendry's. So this is what I propose. Wish ender: The bow should just do more damage in general. Not quite one tap but an arrow and a blast from a handcannon to the head seems like a good one (depending on resilience level). Le Monarque: Should have the charge time lessened by I would say 60. And just ever so slightly buff the amount of damage the venom does to the opponent. Trinity Ghoul: Should have its charge time [i]slightly [/i] decreased but the chain of lightning does a great deal of damage.

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