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5/21/2019 10:38:00 PM

Drifters Beneficiaries (Xbox) (Endgame) (Custom Discord) (Raids) (Competitive) (Crucible) (Gambit)

Have you been looking for a clan that doesn’t just do raids and doesn’t only sweat in crucible? Look no further, Drifters Beneficiaries is the one. This clan not only does raids and crucible, we also run gambit and everything under the Destiny sun. From bounty to seal grinding, you name it. We specialize in anything Destiny related. When it comes to our clan and members, we all have our strengths when playing Destiny. We have a PVP group that loves playing crucible as well as a PVE group that loves doing raids and beyond. We also have a hybrid group that loves doing both, alongside helping people with whatever they need. We have a discord channel for our clan AND a custom role system within the discord. Within this system you can earn different roles and can have something else to work for in your Destiny grind. But don’t worry if you don’t have a role, it won’t be hard to get one, you may even get a custom one as we get to know you better. If you are thinking of joining or are interested feel free to put in an application. We check the applications often and consider everyone objectively. We have just a few requirements: -18+ -Mature -Friendly -Active (play more than a couple days a week at least) -At least 2 characters at 600+ light level

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