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впервые опубликовано в: Why are you making me quit the game before borderlands3 is out???!
5/21/2019 5:18:32 PM
>be me >Forsaken comes out, super pumped for all it has to offer >See a new nightfall reward that's unique from every weapon in the game: Warden's Law >Shoots two rounds at once, has perk Fourth Times a Charm that's suppose to allow it to fire indefinitely if you can land crits >Perk is bugged, only works every few shots >Bungie has no idea it's bugged, didn't do any testing on it before release. Only knows because some streamer sent video of it >Next update, rather than fix the perk or replace it with another magazine replenishing perk, they replace it with MOTHER -blam!-ING ZEN MOMENT (has little to no effect on 110 handcannons) >Thousands of guardians cry out in agony as they're reserved to either using an objectively handicapped gun in comparison to others, sharding it for 7 enhancement cores, or vaulting it There's a reason why people don't trust Bungie anymore. You can spend hundreds of hours grinding for something they decide either isn't worth their time to fix or is too powerful and needs to be run into the ground.

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