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Мы активно изучаем проблему со службами Destiny. Пока эта проблема не будет решена, возможны перебои в работе различных функций Destiny и Следите за новостями @BungieHelp.


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I've seen a few comments regarding "moving this post down", so I'll chime in regarding the way thread aging works. There is no trickery here - never has. If you're specifically referring to the "Trending" category, threads age over time. As a thread ages, it automatically has less priority in the Trending section meaning the threshold of "upvotes" required to keep it there is [i]really[/i] high and scales up as time goes on (it's been this way for years). Upvotes/downvotes can play a factor, but only if a thread is new(ish). This particular thread you're referring to is already over 5 days old. Thus, it doesn't meet the requirements to live on the first page of trending. "Latest" will always show most recent replies as the sorting, with a much longer time span until they aren't viewable, (I believe it's past a year), but is always much more difficult to follow in high traffic forums like D2. But anyone can still see a post with the direct link.

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