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5/19/2019 12:11:02 AM

Constructive Thread on Whisper and others.

If my understanding is correct, White Nail is basically made to reward one's ability to land quick consecutive precision shots, something that's not always viable in all situations. When it was introduced, the "reward" in this scenario was infinite ammo. While the "Black Hammer" nerf certainly kills the fun of having infinite shots for good play, another issue arises when you realize that, barring singes, Whisper is now weaker than the far-more-common-at-this-point D.A.R.C.I., pound-for-pound. Darci can fire far more often with less kick, and will deal more damage over the course of its entire magazine and reserves, in situations where Whisper was once the preferred option due to its limitless ammo (such as stationary bosses with relatively easy to hit weak points). I've spent a good chunk of my day thinking of ways to help Whisper retain its niche without breaking the game, and here's my solution: A new perk. The perk in question, that I'm tentatively calling "Ontological Weapon", would grant a damage bonus for landing precision hits (either from individual hits or procs of White Nail, probably the latter now that I think about it). This would theoretically stack up to 5 times (15 rounds in reserves divided by 3 per White Nail) netting the most damage potential when you can consistently trigger White Nail over the course of your reserves. Ideally I'm thinking it would replace Mulligan, which I realize distances it a bit more from Black Hammer/Spindle (not sure how that'd sit with D1 vets given that I started in D2 Forsaken), but I feel like its uniqueness is already spoiled by its presence on Black Armory weapons, plus it's never really felt like a boon to me, personally. Alternatively you could move Whispered Breathing to Mulligan's place and make the new perk part of the Masterwork (precedent for that taken from the Huckleberry's catalyst changing from Warmind to Forsaken), depending on how it'd affect the power of the weapon pre-and-post masterwork. It'd be difficult to pull off, but that's the intention. This could give Whisper a place to compete with the technically-easier-to-use D.A.R.C.I.; high difficulty, high reward. It's just an idea, something to toss out to the sea that is the forums and hope Bungie fishes it out. I made this thread to gather good ideas, so feel free to discuss ideas on other weapons facing nerfs, or even current underwhelming exotics.

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