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5/17/2019 5:05:33 PM

cannot access taken king collector's edition content

I came back to playing destiny after a month or so hiatus to find that for no discernible reason I suddenly cannot access my sunbreaker's mark, nightstalker's cloak, or stormcaller's bond. I posted a topic elsewhere on the forums, but I believe that was in an area for D2, as well as not getting much help. What I have done so far is: [spoiler]refresh my destiny content licences clear my cache remove profile from xbox, clear cache, then put my profile back on it uninstall ttk then reinstall it uninstall all DLCs then reinstall them completely uninstall everything Destiny-related on my xbox and then reinstall it roll back xbox to last update[/spoiler] At this point I don't know what to do other than a straight up factory reset and I doubt that will help. Everything was working fine the last time I played, but Microsoft or Bungie must have updated something and now my Destiny is borked. I just wanna be able to use my class armor. I just recently started new characters and it's the best class armor that I can equip. I know I've been real pushy about this, and I'm sorry if I've annoyed or bothered anyone, but Destiny is the main reason why I even bought an Xbox. I recently bought Rise of Iron and wanted to get back into playing. I bought a year of xbox gold for no other reason than to be able to access all the content in Destiny. This just feels unfair. This feels like being picked on.

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