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Изменено (Aquarella529): 5/17/2019 3:58:58 PM

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⚜️C O L U M N S O F F A I T H⚜️ =• Ext. 6/2018 •= ⚜️Home to all Guardians⚜️ 🔰C.O.F. OATH🔰 • Moderate Activity •No Clan Hopping • Active on Discord •Participation in Activites We’re a family clan! (Not by blood) [b]Guardians[/b] come join us! We are recruiting everyone from Awoken to Exo! We are a bunch of 18+ and some younglings too. ☺️ In total we have 10 different time zoned members, therefore you’ll always have company. We’re highly active and complete a raid every week or whenever we can ✌🏽 [b]Founder[/b]: Tekatokikuta28 [b]Platform[/b]: PS4 [b]Admin[/b]: Vader Incursio [b]Platform[/b]: XBOX /)[b]Requirements[/b]:(\ - [b][i]Our main base of communication is Discord.[/i][/b] - You must participate in the Discord to be in the clan. - If you plan on doing a raid please have a mic! If it’s your first time, let us know and we’ll gladly teach you! -There’s always going to be someone on to help. - Help is always offered, as long as it’s always asked for. [b]We are looking forward to having you![/b] If you have any questions feel free to reply to the forum below 🤗 For Founder contact: Tekatokikuta28 For Clan Invites contact: Aquarella529 +=WE WILL REPORT ANY CLAN HOPPERS=+ IF YOU ARE GONNA JUST JOIN TO LEAVE THEN GO DO THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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