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Изменено (murphdog41): 5/16/2019 4:32:29 PM

Zavala's Loot Pool Fix

Bungie, You fixed Banchee's loot pool and that was fantastic, so thank you for that. But now, NOW you need to look at Zavala's loot pool. I've grinded countless strikes for hundreds of tokens and you know how many Service Revolvers I've gotten? 4. That's it. 4. 4 revolvers and only one had a "decent" roll on it (Outlaw, Snapshot). [b][u]This is utterly UNACCEPTABLE.[/u][/b] You NEED to fix this issue. If people are pouring [i]HOURS[/i] into your game just to grind for a gun only to have it say "Oh lol go f*** yourself!", well that's just not acceptable. I want to feel rewarded for my time, and currently, I'm feeling robbed, shat on, and completely fed up with this. EDIT 1: The word I was looking for when I was describing Zavala's loot pool was "oversaturated." Here's an excellent video that nails that point home: If you're looking for the key points for what your chances are for getting a God Roll or just an 'eh' roll that, go to 6:14 and 7:06 respectfully in that video.

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