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5/14/2019 6:51:02 PM

[PC] United Nations is Recruiting who's ready for season of Opulence??

Hey Everyone We are a pretty small clan but slowly growing in numbers and i'm here why you should join our clan instead of the others :) 1: We stick together Have you ever had a raid group that you just fed up of or they just left without any attempts and wasting everyone's time... who hasn't these days. XD Well with us we will make sure it never happens again even if your new to destiny, since this clan we will give tips, tricks and load outs that will help you :) 2:We will welcome you with open arms Us guardians in the united nations have help plenty of players that have anxiety/ depression or even a disability and us as a clan don't want anyone to be left out because they feel that they will let the team down, we all make mistakes and we just laugh it off. if you join the clan and have any problems and you would like to speak to an admin (current active admins listed below) 3: Were here to compete Yes you heard that right, certain of us do love of competitive play like world's first raid race for a prime example and many people don't get the chance to have this opportunity because they either too under level or got no one to play. we i got news for you my friend that we as a clan won't allow that to happen and we will make sure your with a team and you lot are able to grind together and able to join us raiders on the starting line. If you think were not gonna be at the starting line for the next raid which is the crown of sorrow then you are completely wrong my friend coz we are starting to look for players to join us and experience it with us together as a clan (yes if a team is far behind and they are stuck they can ask for other raiders to see if they done it :D) finally just enjoy being here: Us admins want you to have a great time here at the clan and we want you to enjoy the game as a whole and make new memories that you can treasure for the future since that's what this games about making friends, having a laugh and enjoy. thank you for taking your time guardians feel free to answer any questions and i will try my best to answer and if you want to join there be a link below this as well the founder and admins, also when you join i will send you a link to the discord that's in beta. and i can finally say i hope i see you on the field :) Clan link: Clan founder: SilentStorm#245221 Clan admins current active: Yookozero P.S some admins are currently converting form console to PC :) question: what is your favourite class in the game?

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