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If you could be your Guardian in real life...

[u]If you could be your destiny character in real life, what would be the first thing you do? And the next thing? Share your ideas! [/u] [b]I'll mark the answer for the best one![/b] *Edit 1- you guys are doing great! keep going! *Edit 2- Over 50 Replies! Get creative!!! *Edit-3-Wow! I have seen some really good short ones! Hint- I like those a lot! *Edit 4- I'm not sure how, but I am so happy this has spread! Close to 200 comments!!! I saw a good one, it was "I'd make a sandwich." It was short, funny, and stupid. It made me chuckle. Do something clever! You might win! *Sheesh! So many comments! I have an idea. Press the ^ arrow next to someones post if you would like to bring it to my attention! [b]I'm picking a winner in 24 hours![/b]

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