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Изменено (Suriya51): 5/11/2019 12:28:10 PM

Mountaintop Clan farming should be illegal

I saw a 12 clan members doing a QP match up they split into 2 team 6 each and Que to find each other and when they do they just farming the Mountaintop Quest step is this suppose to be legal ? why is this allow next we ll be seeing people complain about this gun in QP and its ll get nerfed like the luna and NF did I pity the one that actually grind for it. here is the link to one if their members that farming this and here is the links to the photo of after match history and this is not the first time I saw them do this they did this 2 weeks before with different peoples but same clan I reported them but its seem bungie as usually turn a blind eye to it And if they can get away with this what keeping them from go in to compt and try their luck with the NF I know sometime it don't match u like away but if they do this is just lame.
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