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5/9/2019 9:52:49 PM

New Exotic Armor Ideas.

Hello, Here are some Exotic Armor Ideas for The Hunter and Titan Solar subclass paths of the Outlaw(Hunter) and Devastator (Titan). I hope this post is seen by Bungie/Devs because i feel the exotic concepts could be healthy for the fantasy and longevity of the associated subclass paths. Happy Reading! For the Hunter concept. I thought about bringing back the Helmet exotic the Arachnid. This go around i would add combustion to the Way of the Outlaw path of the Golden Gun, and add increase in duration ONLY while ADS. If there feels like not enough drawbacks to using this exotic, the original zoom while ads perk can be reintroduced. I think this exotic would add a lot of usability to this path. Also I believe it would synergize well with the bullet return on kills that was recently intoduced to the Outlaw path. Next the Titan Concept. A really cool way to make the Throwing Hammer a bit easier and more fun to use. My idea is to have a new Gauntlet Exotic the returns the hammer to you automatically. On the first successful hit, the hammer lands closer to you than it normally would without the exotic. On each stack of Sun Warrior the Hammer will return to you and recharge the hammer like you just picked it up. The catch is, the hammer will return to you somewhat slow on 1 stack and return to you a lot faster on 2 m stacks, and up to 3. The way to make this more balanced for pvp is to make the hammer on 1 stack and up on successful hits only return once the hammer is at rest, and on kill return immediately without needing to rest. I believe this Exotic Titan Gauntlet would increase casual use of Burning Maul and make it more viable in PvE especially. Please consider leaving feedback, i would love to hear from everyone!

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