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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
5/7/2019 7:53:31 PM

More UNIQUE exotic catalysts!

Let’s see more perks added to exotic weapons through catalysts! Stat changes aren’t BAD, but feel lazy and boring. A new perk or a functional change to exotics are always welcome! CATALYST IDEAS: [u]Cerberus+1[/u] - Decreased weapon spread, and stability increases as the trigger is held down [u]Black Talon[/u] - Increased tracking and movement speed of projectiles [u]Two Tailed Fox[/u] - Adds a third rocket (arc damage) which chains lightning between targets [u]Malfeasance[/u] - Explosive Shadow triggers after 3 hits, but damage per explosion is increased to compensate for the decrease in shots required Comment your ideas for catalysts and hopefully Bungie will take note of this post!

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