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Destiny 2

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5/4/2019 7:53:50 PM

Gambit Prime - Auras and Matchmaking

Hey Bungie, Please quit pairing me on a team with 3 of the same auras. I'll just keep quitting until I get banned. I've tried working with the people. I've tried swapping sets. Nobody cares what you're doing in the game already, let alone if you're chasing a Triumph. I'd suggest making a playlist type that locks it down to loading in with an aura, but people would probably still ignore their roles to screw you over. To the people that suggest "jUsT gEt A fIrEtEaM": why even have matchmaking in the first place? 90% of these triumphs are completely doable with solo grind but some of the mechanics on the others require people to half-ass give a crap about the rest of their team.

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