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Изменено (TheCapCook): 5/2/2019 6:20:31 PM

(PC Only) Newer Clan (Bag of Chip [BoC]) Looking for More Members (Triumph Chasing, Any Game Mode, Casual to Semi-Hardcore Focus)

I don't have any big, fancy pitch, but a few friends of mine and myself recently realized that the clan we were in had tons of people, but only 1 or 2 actually played consistently. That led us to create a new clan (Bag of Chip) in the hopes of having more active players that will help the clan have fun and get the things done we all want done. We are all gamers and play games together regularly, with Destiny 2 being our main game. We're not looking to be the most watched on Twitch or 100% everything the first time or anything crazy. We're just out to have fun and play the game with the occasional challenge thrown in (Petra's, competitive grinding, Triumph seeking, etc). Again, I don't have any fancy video or banner or enticing pitch to recruit anybody, but if you are looking for a clan that will result in having some close gaming friends without the pressures of the really intense clans, we're looking for more people. We're ready to sherpa those who need it, play any game mode for leveling or in the endgame, and currently play mostly on weekends, with the occasional evening session. We're a small, super chill clan that grew sick of joining big dumb clans with nobody playing. For those that can't play all the time, but want solid people to play with, come join us. Our clan link: Platform: PC Region: NA/EU Current Members: 4 Primary Language: English

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