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4/30/2019 8:10:29 AM

Expired Content in Previous Seasons

G'day folk, I started my Destiny 2 journey yesterday after finishing Destiny 1. I wanted to get an understanding of how much content is no longer accessible as a player starting late in the game. What sort of activities or items do you know of, pre 'this season', that I will no longer be able to acquire in my travels? E.g. is the Black Armoury still accessible now that we are in the Season of the Drifter? It might be useful to keep a running compilation as the game is continually updated and goes through new seasons, particularly for future new players like myself. I am hoping that the list is not too extensive because I thoroughly enjoy the game and will be kicking myself if I have missed out on significant elements of the game. Thanks for your responses in advance. -BeserkerL33T

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