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Изменено (CMDR_Stealth): 4/21/2019 9:13:49 PM

We need something done about Not Forgotten and Luna's Howl. Crucible population is dropping? What do you want done?

Look at the meta for Crucible. That isn't good. I want to get this out there: I've adored Destiny's PvP mode since the beginning in 2014. But here in Destiny 2, am I the only one who's puzzled by the fact there's non exotic hand cannons that can kill you within less than a second, even at mid-long range? Look, I understand that these particular weapons aren't just overpowered, they're also trophies for players who put themselves through the toughest challenges in the competitive playlist. But regardless of that, they're still overpowered, and you can take these guns with you wherever you want, typically in quickplay. Many people including my friends are discouraged to even play pvp anymore because of these two particular weapons. Whether or not they take "skill" to use as many claim, how hard is it to 3-tap an enemy player when you have heavy aim assist with a controller and hand cannon targeting perks? Not Forgotten is even better than Luna's Howl due to it's exceptional range, winning gunfights at mid-long range against pulse rifles, even scout rifles at times. Most of the maps in this game don't typically have long range fights, they're usually close quarters, giving Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten users an edge over nearly every situation. There's only a couple maps in the game that are more open and dynamic, offering more gameplay variety. The Trials of Osiris had better rewards: an exotic emblem that proves you won 9 flawless games in the Trials of Osiris, a trip to the Lighthouse, exclusive armor and an elemental primary weapon. (elemental primaries were extremely rare in Destiny 1). Mine was "The Summoner (adept)". Many players with these weapons are in denial and are quick to dismiss this criticism with "[url=]git gud[/url]" and "dude it's so easy to get stfu" comments that miss the entire point of what I'm talking about. "Just use Ace of Spades...." Ace of Spades takes up an exotic weapon slot, Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten does not. Very similar stats, but fires 140 rounds per minute while Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten fires 180 rounds per minute. Within less than a second, you are dead. "Just use Jötunn..." Jötunn requires special ammo and takes up an exotic slot, Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten does not. False equivalency. "It's so easy to get..." People that say this are missing the point entirely. This quest is not only difficult, it is also incredibly time consuming. Your free time available to you to play this game is not representative of everybody else. I am not going to play this game like a job, damaging my sanity like I did for Trials of Osiris for overpowered guns that shouldn't exist to begin with. "They're not that good..." Then why would anybody bother going for these weapons if they're not the better tool to use in almost every situation? Understand that I'm taking the time creating this post because I love Destiny 2 Crucible and I want it to be better. Realize that you critique a game because you care. Now, the underlying problem is what Bungie can actually do. Well, the best thing they could have done is to never put these weapons in the game to begin with. Because if they take them away, nerf them, or make them easier to acquire, they're going to upset the players who put themselves through the trouble. All though I wouldn't mind it because Bungie did that to me after working hard to get Iron Banner rewards in Destiny 1, disallowing infusion of Trials of Osiris gear before the release of The Taken King, and taking 6 months to nerf Thorn, or nerfing the Black Spindle day 1 if anyone remembers that. In conclusion, I want more players to play pvp and I'm tired of having to adjust my load-out every game for a more sweaty playstyle just to contend with these particular weapons. Getting killed in less than a second by primary ammo weapons seems a little short, don't you think? Reminds me of Call of Duty. Bungie, are you guys gonna do something? PvP is a big part of your game and there are some serious problems you need to take action on. But what do YOU think? Am I overreacting? Or is what I say pretty spot on? What do you think should be done about Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten? Let me know in the comments below. Wanted to add a poll but kept bugging out on me. So I'll have to put them in the body of this post below. ~Allow players to get these weapons through valor. ~Pull them from the game. ~Reduce their magazine size to 4 rounds. ~Turn these weapons into exotics ~Remove the "Magnificent Howl" perk Please add your own suggestion in the comments.

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