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4/22/2019 3:32:56 PM

Why are blue items in the loot pool?

One blue item, for 75 essence. After completing the triumphs and getting the exotic, I had some extra revelry essence, so I decided to get some packages. Saw two blue items pop up, figured I must have missed something. Nope. 10-20 minutes of game time(roughly how long to get 75 essence), and you give us random blue items, worth 3 gunsmith parts? Huh? Who thought this made sense? Who thinks blue items make sense as anything but random world drops in the endgame? Seriously, you need to hire someone dedicated to fixing the loot system, because this type of stuff is just silly. It trivialized the currency, which is exactly what giving us more enhancement cores is doing. That's not fun. Make things in game more meaningful, not less. What should happen, what did happen. Is that I used the essence for buffs while making sure I had enough to buy the exotic after completing the triumphs. I was pleased to see them as rewards for various activities, and enjoyed completing the steps for my event reward. Then I planned on running the forest, or doing whatever, to buy packages, and expected to continue to enjoy the event. Now? I have no reason to do anything. I'll just ignore the vendor from here on out and dump whatever essence I accumulate before the event ends, just to get it out of my inventory. Why bother with the time limited ornaments, or to farm for packages when it is just as likely to yield no actual reward. This isn't even a game problem. Which is why it seems so strange. Having BS items in the loot pool is a development choice, one that makes zero sense.

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