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4/24/2019 1:59:09 AM

Hardcord active end game clan is looking for new blood! RIO [Xbox]

Are you active and looking for a structured hardcore endgame PvE clan that has been going strong since Year 1 of D1, made up of extremely active players, and not one of these made yesterday clans who take anyone, no matter how inactive they are, just to get their numbers up, so they look cool on here? Are you looking for a clan that raids every day, multiple times a day? A clan where everyone plays with everyone and that doesn't tolerate the lame ass cliques that most clans have? If you answered yes to any of those, Revenge Is Ours might just be the clan for you. Revenge Is Ours (RIO) has been going strong for over five years now and believe it or not, we are not some mega clan with 2,000 members and fifteen different clan tags. We are an average sized clan with above average activity. We are limited to 99 members by design, because we don't want to be a giant LFG, but trust me, that doesn't mean we are slackers. Revenge Is Ours has a long proud history of melting any clan that went against us, both in OG Destiny Clan Wars and Destiny Clan Warfare, we currently hold a couple records for console Nightfall scores and times, and we have over 3,000 D2 raid clears. Before you get turned away thinking that we must be a bunch of sweaty elites, let me assure you, that's not the case. We are just an extremely active clan made up of extremely active players, who all operate under the same philosophy: Our clan comes first. That means, win or lose, we fight and die together, because unlike most other clans out there, we are actually a clan that hangs out, talks, builds friendships and bonds, and plays together, because we would rather our clan get better and stronger rather than help some random blueberry, who isn't going to be there to help us, when we need it. Either way, I've babbled long enough, so if this sounds like something you could get behind and you are interested in joining an actual clan rather than a giant LFG, check us out.

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