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4/22/2019 7:58:54 PM

Ultrah Omega

**Ultrah Omega |UO|** ***A clan based around speed running, solo'ing and pvp. Overall a clan based around pve and pvp clan.*** ***Requirements*** ```css Must have some love for speedrunning, solo'ing, pve or pvp. Must have a mic and overall be supportive to new Must be active. If you are not active for a certain amount of time without telling someone you will be kicked for inactivity. Speak English ``` Goal For the clan This is a far fetched goal but ever since Destiny 1 I have always wanted to get a record for being the first team to complete a raid, or speedrun a raid. Dedicated Hours No dedicated hours to play What we are about we mainly focus on speedrunning, solo'ing and pvp. Overall we will be an all around clan for pve and pvp To join the clan request at ( then PM me on discord Enchanted#7728 and I will invite you into the clan discord.

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