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Destiny 2

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Изменено (XKyukimotsuX): 4/22/2019 3:49:18 AM

Bungie is disrespectful

This meta has, as of today ruined this game for me. This game has been as close to the love of my life as a non-living inanimate object could have gotten. Ive been on Destiny for mother fuc***ing years now, D1 Vet all the way! Tonight, i have been luna'ed and dust rock'ed for the last time... As many long breaks as i take from it just to come back to a Perpetual s***hole, that has more fecal matter poured into it monthly... Pentacle weapons in general are the worst f****** idea Bungie has ever had since in the invention of the Matador 64 with Rangefinder and rifled barrel, and is by far the longest running busted ass meta since. I know twitch streamers needed some kind of content for them to do so idiots would continue to pay them, to watch them play video games instead of just going and f****** playing video games themselves, but this is utterly f****** disrespectful to the normal person who wants to try and enjoy the entire game instead of being isolated to the 45% of it that is PVE. And so after 4 or 5 long f****** years, the "streamer meta" has at last broken my love for this game... My Guardians have been laid in thier final resting place, for their light has faded. As for the rest of you walk always in the light, for the darkness wieghs a heavy burden...

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