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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
4/19/2019 9:43:15 PM

(PS4) Recruiting Solo Players! -Helpful & Active Members-

Hello! Thanks for popping by to check out the many, many available open spots inside our semi-new clan. We are excited to meet new people & hope that we can bring on multiples of players! Most of us are based out of the US but we are open to the world. [u]About Us[/u] We're a smaller group of relaxed gamers that just want to have fun playing the game we love. Everyone apart of the clan already love to help one another out & consist of nothing but positive people. We are all willing to stretch out time to raid or run the nightfall as many times as someone needs it. Of course, we are not limited to just Destiny 2. We also occasionally play D1. Members of the clan are also players of games like: The Division, Apex Legends, Division 2, GTA V, and Warframe for those who feel like cheating destiny ;) & whatever else comes along. [u]Our Mission[/u] Our mission is to become a clan filled with positive, generous people who want nothing but casual gameplay & even assistance with reaching goals. Even if you’re the highest level or the lowest and have never played before, we won’t judge you & are willing to help. We have successfully gotten The Whisper for multiples, malfeasance for a couple & a few other notorious weapons. Take a look at our requirements & feel free to pop by & ask some q’s or simply request to join. We’d love to have you, cause after all.. everything turns to the deep to survive. [u]Requirements[/u] • Have a PlayStation 4! (Duh!) • Have the Destiny app to keep in quick touch with all of the members in case some aren’t on their systems. • You must be active. If the admins see that you haven’t been on for a while (& I mean a long time) you will be kicked :( • You must be able to take a joke. We favour the dark humour & love to laugh. • Remember to leave your current clan in order to join us. • LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH. Click below to travel over to the page! Thanks for reading.

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