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4/14/2019 9:40:40 PM

[PS4] Apex™ [EU/NA] [Discord] [Active clan looking for active members]

Apex™ is a clan on [b]playstation 4[/b] which focuses on both PVE and PVP. We're a large group of friends which come from all parts of the world and we've recently revived our clan having already brought in 20+ new and active members. We are still looking to fill a few remaining spots with active players who are willing to contribute and push our clan to its best potential. If you're a PVE player and looking to join our clan then we gladly welcome you! Although our clan pursues more PVE than PVP we have a great bunch of raiders and general pve players who are more than welcoming, so if you are a PVE player we'd love to have you join a long for ride. However if you're a PVP player than you're at the right place, our clan functions as a team and plays as a team, we can take PVP both seriously and relaxed but either way we have a good time just playing as a team. We help each other out where ever possible with things such as Not Forgotten quest, The recluse, The mountain top etc... If you're looking for a competitive team then that's us! but if you're looking for a more casual quick play team then that's also us! We have players which do both so you'll never be separated from any activities you do. To join our clan we only have a few [b]requirements[/b] that you [b]must[/b] meet in order to join based on your section. [u][b]If you'd like to join our PVE side of the team you must:[/b][/u] - Join our discord! - Be active! - have a microphone - be friendly and accepting of everyone - knowledgeable of raids and PVE activities - Willing to learn new methods and ways - have a minimum platinum V full clears raid rank (If you don't know where to check this go to destiny raid report) [u][b]If you'd like to join our PVP side of the team you must:[/b][/u] - Join our discord! - Be active! - have a microphone - have a 1.2 minimum KD in competitive overall - have some basic map knowledge - team skills and communication - friendly and welcoming to others If you're interested in joining our clan then submit a request, we are very active and go through all requests frequently. Upon acceptance into the clan you will be sent a personal message via with a link to our discord server. Thank you for reading and we hope to see some of you soon!

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