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Изменено (spiderguy321): 4/6/2019 4:01:49 PM

What do I do if someone accuses me of lagging and I'm not

I'm afraid that after someone accuses me of lagging even though I know I'm not because I looked at my conmection and it was fine, my friend even checked. I'm worried that he is trying to abuse the system and get me banned just because I played better than him in one comp game. I don't want players just to be able to ban you because they are toxic. Please help. I was doing some digging and was able to surface up a video of the user Mister_Sicky on PS4, the one who threatened my friend and me. He is just reporting anyone just because in hopes that they get banned. This is where he claims he got two shot by luna regardless to the fact that he lost health prior, then he just reports two people for network manipulation, which is abusing the system.

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