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Изменено (Dûl Incaru): 3/29/2019 5:48:41 AM

Lets talk Dungeons

The Shattered Throne is one of my favourite D2 activities to date. I'd enjoy a discussion on if you enjoy ST, and why or why not. The Shattered Throne's layout reminds me of the early d1 raids. Two boss layout, vast traversable areas and jumping puzzles, and an urge to explore. Being a solo/fireteam activity, one can enjoy this activity at any pace. I enjoyed the related exotic quest for Wish-Ender, however, I feel a heroic version of ST could've been added to introduce a Wish-Ender catalyst. Additionally, if the ST offered a unique loot set, that would encourage replay factor and activity diversity. I really appreciate that this dungeon is a glorified final story mission. The Sol Progeny, Regicide battle, the corrupted Iron Lords, Ghaul, Panoptes, Xol: they don't compare to the Shattered Throne's depth and gameplay in my humble opinion. Beating the Shattered Throne solo felt like an incredible accomplishment both as the player and story wise. While challenging triumphs and the Eternal Return emblem are cool rewards, I feel like difficult triumphs in the future could be a little more rewarding. ST is not a flawless activity; the lack of a unique set of weapons and armour holds it back. Nonetheless, I still enjoy this activity and play it every week it's available. I would enjoy listening to and discussing your thoughts on this activity, or my post. Thanks for the read. [spoiler]I'd like to see Dûl without her chitin on ya know what I'm sayin?[/spoiler]

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