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Destiny 2

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3/28/2019 5:24:15 AM


I feel like some people in competitive don't take it seriously enough to make the experience enjoyable, like leaving mid game, having groups that leave in mass, be afk, and among other things like throwing, this can make the experience a bit more draining due to losing points from things you can't prevent, I've been grinding comp for half a week now and I've been stuck in heroic 3 for most of this time, I'll have matches where no one leaves and we lose, it can be annoying but hey, my fault for being bad, but there has been matches including times where I'm about to get fabled, that denies me the rank from circumstances that make it more aggravating from players leaving, I think there should be a harsher punishment that will make people stay away from queuing in comp only to leave mid game and ruin the fun for others, maybe like a three strikes your out? A ban from comp for a week, or two, either way, I just want to have a good time trying to get these weapons and try them out, to have something to be proud of for hard work.

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