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3/28/2019 3:45:40 AM

Why Does Bungie Not Allow You to Search Forums?

I mean this is the first website I can think of that has a forum that does not allow you to search the forums. I mean it is such a common thing that people harping on newbies about not searching the forums first before posting topics is practically a meme. So either not having common features other devs have is just a common design philosophy at Bungie as evidenced by the first few years of both released of Destiny or there is something else going on. What if they don't want people to be able to search and see how often certain topics come up in a given time period? Either because it would make it obvious how angry people were or make it obvious that they were deleting posts. Now granted there hasn't been anything too controversial recently (at least in the MSM) but you haven't been able to search for quite some time and I know what prompted me to want to search before posting was the Prismatic Matrix. I know to never attribute to malice what can be attributed to ignorance but with Bungie it can always go both ways. I'm just saying you can't argue that it isn't a feature that is needed and would drastically cut down on the duplicate posting that has plagued this forum for years.

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