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PSN banned, need to recover game data on new PSN

My little brother was a victim of fraud on his PSN account. He had his debit card saved, and a fraudster gained access to the account and charged over $700 worth of items from PSN to his debit card. He has since filed a dispute to recover the funds. However, it is PlayStation Network's policy to deactivate any account that is party to, involved in, or victim to Fraud or Charge-backs. Therefore, he was forced to create a completely new PSN account. After some arguing, they allowed him to transfer his purchase history to the new account. That way he didn't have to re-buy all off his digital games that he'd already paid them for. The issue is, he can't access his account because it is tied to that banned PSN account. What's more, we are trying to ascertain whether or not he will be able to retain his character history and profile with so he doesn't have to start over from scratch and lose 5 years of progress and history with Destiny 1 & 2. Anyone know how he might be able to go about this process? Old PSN account that was banned was HeathlyDallows. We need to separate account from this PSN and somehow transfer his game data and character data within to his new PSN account. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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