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3/25/2019 6:49:40 PM

Gambit Primeval Bug? Still had health but game declared it dead

Please check out the attached video. In regular Gambit last night, I invaded and killed two enemies to heal up the Primeval. While working on taking down the third, they unleashed their Hunter's super. From my perspective, it looks like I killed him before the super did damage and thus with that amount of health regained the Primeval shouldn't have been dead yet. So... 1.) Based on numbers, can a Hunter one-hit kill a Primeval from that amount of health with their super? 2.) Which should have happened first? Primeval being healed or killed, based on the video? 3.) Is this a bug in which the Primeval only appeared to be healed but was actually dead first? If so, can we please get a fix to prevent the health bar from going back up after it's dead? Thanks! -Sol Knightt

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