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3/21/2019 8:08:40 PM

I Love Swords, But They Suck

I've always used a sword. But they have no place in the game. They suck at killing ads, they're bad in pvp, and they're mediocre at best at dealing DPS to bosses, so long as the boss is staggerable. Somethings gotta change with swords to make it so they have a place in the game somewhere, because I want to use them, but the only time I can use them is for fun, if I'm doing a strike or whatever where it doesn't matter too much, I go ahead and use a sword. If I'm in quickplay, I'll use it for fun as well. But if I'm in a raid, doing reckoning, or playing competitive, you better believe I'm having to use something else because a sword (aside from black talon in PvP) is a terrible weapon choice for oppose to other heavy weapons. Not sure what you could do for Swords, more movement speed??? Slashes actually hit all enemies in front of you? Moving them to a different slot? Cooldown based energy meter instead of ammo??? I don't really know what the answer is, but I truly believe that as much as I love swords and will likely to continue to use my masterworked Abide the Return, I know that it's one of the worst heavy weapon categories and doesn't bring much to the table aside from possibly consitent stagger to Majors, and SOME bosses (atleast the ones who can't one shot you with melee like Reckoning knights), and being able to possibly loop a stomp on certain bosses and majors to prevent them from using other attacks.

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