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Exotic Weapon Concept - "The Bad Joke."

Weapon Type: Quad-Rocket Launcher - Arc Element. Flavor Text: "I get it... I'm not laughing, but I get it." Concept: Rocket Launcher fires a volley of 4 rockets simultaneously, either at one target, or at four different targets. Perks/Abilities: "Target-Audience." - All four rockets are fired at the same target, dealing 1.25x Damage for each rocket. "Poly-Aim-Orous." - All four rockets are fired at multiple targets; rockets gain light target-tracking. "Zing!" - Rockets leave a shock-pulse field for 3 seconds after impact, dealing area-damage over time. "Did You Get It?" - Successfully killing 4 enemies in one volley automatically reloads The Bad Joke from reserve-ammo. ====================================================================== [b]Lore-Text:[/b] Ikora rolled her eyes briefly away from her books and stifled the urge to groan, as she was subjected to another one of Cayde's many fruitless attempts at getting Zavala to laugh. Cayde-6: "And so the Fallen Captain looks at the Hive Knight and says--" Zavala and Ikora: "So [i]that's[/i] where you hid your sword..." Cayde-6: "... Oh. Already heard that one, huh?" Ikora: "Only once a month for the last hundred years." Cayde-6: "And Zavala hasn't laughed at it! Not once! Are we even sure he HAS a sense of humor? Wait, don't tell me..." Cayde deepens his voice and gives his best impression of Zavala's authoritatively serious tone. [i]"If the Traveler wanted me to have a sense of humor, my Ghost would have resurrected me with one."[/i] Zavala frowns. Ikora tries to do the same, but in spite of herself, a brief huff of amusement escapes her. Zavala frowns harder. Cayde-6: "Heyyy! Ikora thought it was funny! Eh? Ehhh??" Ikora turns, gathers the books and tomes she'd been reading over in her arms, and excuses herself from the room before it gets any worse. As she's leaving, she can hear Cayde's voice from behind her. Cayde-6: "That's one nut cracked! One to go. Don't worry, Zavala, just wait until I tell you the one about Shaxx's missing horn..."

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