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Destiny 2

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3/19/2019 9:55:29 AM

New Dawnblade Super + Exotic

This is an idea for the next set of supers. Attunement of .............(Viking Funeral). Press C (melee) to throw your sword, once thrown it will kill/damage any enemies it hits and overpenetrate it stick into any surface it lands on. (Kinda like how it done with bottom tree Dawnblade and it will stay around for approx 45 seconds) Press F (Super) to use DawnBlade as per usual, However, if the sword has been stuck to a surface before your death, you can self-res when you will be able to use the blade for 65% of the usual time for normal Dawnblade. Hold Q (grenade) to consume your grenade. Once consumed your class ability cooldowns are significantly reduced. (Same rate as OG Sunsinger) During your super, you can use both Icarus dash and Phoenix dive. Or getting with your class abilities provides you flame shield. If this comes into the game, please bring back Heart of Praxic fire. Hope this is bought into the game since Dawnblade is so weak and limited.

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