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3/18/2019 12:55:00 PM

Blank message when opening Eververse Bundles with no spare inventory slots

Just reporting a UI issue when attempting to open an Eververse Bundle with no spare slots. I purchased and attempted to open the Forward Scout bundle from my consumables inventory and I was presented with a pop-up message showing a picture of Kadi 55-30 (the Postmaster frame) on the left, and no text in either the title bar or the body section to the right, just "(X) Accept" and "(O) Cancel" on the bottom. As I had cleared space in the Consumables, Mods and Shaders tab, and had made a slot free in my Ship inventory, I was a little confused, until I found an extra ship had dropped from a Notorious Engram I'd opened prior. Just want to bring this to the Dev's attention to save future confusion

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