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3/18/2019 6:28:04 AM

You guys need to take a loooong look at Vorgeth in Shattered Throne

I don't know how the -blam!- this dungeon made it past playtesting. Enemies (in both bosses) spawn in the ground, teleport around wildly after spawning, and teleport after standing still for too long (No, they don't need to be unstuck just because they stand in one place for 10 seconds). Keepers will hide behind cover at the slightest bit of damage, yet still shoot you through it, and the fact the goblins can shield the Keepers from 20 feet away and through 3 solid objects is disgusting. Not to mention the fact that Vorgeth's venom often won't be destroyed by the same amount of damage that literally just popped the other ones, they'll spin around you repeatedly instead of just exploding, and his crit spot malfunctions after being staggered. Most of it's minor inconveniences, and with a full fireteam even if it kills you, it's not the end of the world. But I'm extremely -blam!-ing sick of having Flawless solos ruined at this boss because of shitty bugs that should've been patched out months ago. All of this is multiplied by the fact that I'm on console (Xbox), meaning that I'm already at a disadvantage, and lately the game will often just randomly decide to not let you shoot your gun. At the very least, even if you're not gonna bother with bug fixes, PUT IN A RESET FUNCTION. Nothing is more frustrating than having the run ruined by this shit, and then having to slog through the rest anyway just for another shot.

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