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Wander United looking for new Guardians! PS4

Don't want to join a clan full of drama and silence? Need some chums to wander the solar system with? Look no more for wander United is recruiting on PS4! We're a clan looking for players who want to do anything from end game content to simple patrols! 🌟We aim to get all engrams when available! 🌟Many of our members have school and work so we mostly plan activities for the evenings and weekends, but we also work on milestones and general farming a lot during the day! ✨We require weekly activity on the chats or in game, gotta know you're around!✨ 💥🌟🌟 WE USE DISCORD. We just use it, you dont really have to be on all the time🌟 🌟 💥 Even if you're not on the we do want to see you in the chat regularly to know you're active. We want to get to know you! Its funner that way! 🌟 We schedule based on mountain standard time! Mics are required for major clan events but are not needed for regular activities! We would love to have you!

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