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Изменено (ApocThe-Strange1): 3/16/2019 8:51:43 PM

Lost curated Ringing Nail after seeing it drop in the Bergusia Forge

Okay so, after completing a Berguisa Forge, I saw the curated Ringing Nail drop for me, it had the golden masterwork outline when I stood over it. There were also two Ringing Nails.. But of course, my weapon slots became full when blue gear dropped with it first... AND a Le Monarque. So, I instantly went and checked the post master, like you do, which is not full by any means.. And only found the one, rather normal Ringing Nail instead of the two? Why would this be exactly? It is because I essentially returned to orbit, and only the guaranteed powerful drop was delivered but not the cooler, curated Ringing Nail? This is so frustrating though.. I had no way of combating this as it just automatically loads a second forge after completing one.. Shredded the blue gear as fast as I could, but no luck as the end mission timer ran out. Feels rather like a kick in the teeth.

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