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Изменено (RedHotTrouble): 3/14/2019 9:28:05 PM

Beyond The Watchtower: Petra Missing

Beyond The Watchtower mission: Petra is always missing on first run. With every single one of my characters, either playing the mission solo or with teammates, when I'm supposed to talk to Petra in the observatory, I always encounter the same bug in which Petra is nowhere to be found, nor where she's supposed to be. I have to always go back to orbit and start the mission again. After I run the mission a second time, I'm able to finally talk to Petra to continue the mission and kill Elikaa (Sworn to Vengeance). Is Bungie aware of this bug and/or are they working on a fix? It's frustrating more and more each time it happens. I don't understand how this can still broken so many months after Forsaken was released.

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