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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
3/14/2019 1:23:01 AM

justice for hunters

first off, i'm a die-hard hunter main, and i have been since D1. lets begin. bungie shafted hunters. first off, the generic symbolism of hunters and their whole code has been sullied since D2. some might even say since TTK. you see, hunters, and their abilities, all rely on tools. golden gun, arc staff, arc blade, and shadowshot are all light-forged weapons. so too are throwing knives, smoke bombs, and our trusty knife. extensions of ourselves. this made sense back in year 1 of d1. hunters used the weapon, (gun, blade) titans were the weapon (fists of havoc, duh) and warlocks embodied the damage this weapon unleashed (nova bombs are pretty volatile, i assume.) this held up pretty well in TTK, with the introduction of shadowshot, and Tevis' bow, as well as stormcaller being given to the warlocks. titans got hammers. not quite staying in line with what's outlined above, but sure. it fits. but come D2, titans are tossing shields around, warlocks are cramming their glowing swords down anything that moves, and hunters get a glorified sparkler. any unique symbolism is gone. lets also think about Tevis. (at least, i think that was his name) for anyone who didnt pick up nightstalker in d1, the quest leads you to pick up the trail of a hunter whose gone missing. you eventually find him-dead, on a vex altar. a grim fate for a man who channelled the void into his foes. in a poetic scene, you grip the remnant of light swirling around his cold, dead hand, and draw his bow, inheriting his cosmic quiver and unlocking a new subclass. as for poor tevis, he's avenged-as you engulf a horde of vex with tethers left, right and center. but warlocks? you go to the top of some old spire during a storm, stand on a pylon and get hit by lightning. now you can fry anything you want with as many volts of energy as your fingers can handle. and titans have a whale of a time forging themselves a new hammer and smashing up robots under the watchful eyes of the sunbreakers. it doesnt seem fair that one route is an example of grief, while the others... are just kinda fun. moving past symbolism, theres a lot of other things that made hunters less unique and more... what they are today. lets get the obvious out of the way. we have no vanguard. cayde is dead. hunters lack a representitive, a paragon, a voice in the consensus, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend. of course, we all lost something with cayde. but hunters feel it a little more. then, there's the ace of spades. in destiny 1 it was a hunter-exclusive weapon, and rightly so. now any grubby warlock or drooling titan can get their hands on it without thinking twice. lets also look at the crucible. being shoulder charged by titans or handheld supernova-d by warlocks is one thing, but i dont think im the only one who believes that precision throwing knives deserve to be one-hit abilities. they're difficult to hit, for a lot of players, and although it would lead to a relatively OP loop of returning your knife with the ability, or with a dodge, or just using ophidia spathe, it's easily cut down by the pain these gunslingers are put through. in case you didnt know, golden gun grants no defense when cast. and if it does, it isnt enough to be noticable. see, a daybreak's firey projectile can still one hit me after ive drawn my flaming weapon, which WOULD be fair if it didnt take three goldie shots to bring down that warlock. liar's handshake finally gives a one-shot ability to hunters, but only under specific and dangerous circumstances. furthermore, blade barrage. this won't be nice for some of you to read. the blade barrage and galanor nerf really rubbed me the wrong way. sure, BB doesnt require much skill, and galanor-a completley random drop (that ive somehow gotten four seperate times) thats extremely hard to come by-was kinda OP, but compared to bottom-tree strikers, daybreak's merciless homing projectiles, and the fact that hunters lack a one-hit ability, BB was relatively fair, in regards to hunters. but because thats only a third of the playerbase, the other two can complain as much as they want, and get the nerfs they want. at least we took nova warp with us. another thing that annoys me personally, but is still relavant to the topic, concerns the last word. the aesthetic of hunters is pretty outlaw/cowboy/western-esque if youre toting the OG solar subclass. which is great! i love cowboys, and i love my golden gun. i called it cayde. but since the reintroduction of TLW, anyone can have a big iron on their hip. those slick animations and cowboy vibes belong to the hunters, damnit! and i doubt any of the one-eyed meatheads care about the lore behind the legendary weapon in their hands. as long as it shreds in crucible, theyll do what they can to get their hands on it. this was long, possibly uncalled for, and probably insulted someone who might feel a little called out. im sorry. but it needed to be said. we need some justicee for hunters. anyone with me?

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