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Destiny 2

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3/13/2019 12:30:22 AM

one phase tier 2 strat(not a cheese), used by the Iconic Vanguard - fewest exotics needed + newb friendly

Tried numerous methods including Nova Bomb, titan shield and others. This is by far the easiest and best, usually works with any modifiers Note: This is used by my clan, we didn't create this method nor do I know who did. [b]Requirements: [/b]Orpheus + tether Warcliff Coil rally barricade Wellock/well of light Only exotics that are a necessity is orpheus and coil, all others are optional. [b]Bridge: [/b]Throw down well of radiance on each point on bridge, tether to slow down ads [b]Boss fight: [/b]Throw down well, throw up a rally barricade, spray with coil with no reload needed, use super if you want, if tether is popped and well down with numerous coils no other super needed

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