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3/13/2019 12:12:04 AM


We are back in OPEN ENROLLMENT! Join today to grind Season 6! Dead Kings of the Reef is a US-based clan filled with casual daily players working on Annual Pass and endgame content. We work together to complete triumphs, weekly milestones, forges, raids, 100k nightfalls, etc. while having a good time. We are casual, laid back Destiny 2 fans that do it all. We are not try-hards, raid or PVP focused. All skill levels! To keep our clan filled with active members that actually play together - we have some basic requirements: --18+ Adults only --600+ Light Level on at least 1 Character --Must stay active --Mic required --Download D2 Companion app --Download BAND app and join our group (invite will be provided) We have many players in EST timezone (other US timezones as well) and the heaviest activity on nights and weekends. This clan is filled with ACTIVE players. Players with over a month of inactivity are removed. Join today and say hi, then check out our page on Band.

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