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[PC NA/EU] [PS4/XB1] Shrouded Gaming | Discord Gaming Community | Event Calendar | Awesome | End Game | Casual | Fun | 6000 Members |

Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community! We strive to be one of the pillars of the Destiny community by having players who are mature, humble, and helpful. Therefore, we are always on the search to incorporate other like-minded players into our core. If you think you fit the traits above, we welcome you to check out our Discord. If you're not interested in joining any of our 24 clans, feel free to stay and use the server as LFG. We'd love to have you either way. The SGC has Weekly Inactivity Purges - Which means that we are consistently full of active players looking to Group For a myriad of different activities. We have over 20 Sherpa's willing to help members that need an experienced player to help them through some difficult content & 2 dozen admins ready to assist with anything you may require. If you just want someone to hang out with while you play, well we are good for that as well. We have space for any and all respectful Gamers in the SGC. Welcome! [b][url=]Check Out our Event Calendar Here![/url][/b] How to join: 1a) Upvote this post 1b) Say Something Funny in Comments 2) Pick and Apply to One of the Clans Below! 2) Join the Discord (Mandatory): 3) Follow the instructions in the pinned message in #clan-approval-waitlist [b][u]All clans undergo weekly inactivity purge. So if there is no Space, Please be Patient [/u][/b] [b][i][u]PC Divisions[/u][/i][/b] [b][u]NA Division[/u][/b] [url=]Shrouded IX[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Reaper[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Squeakers[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Militia[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Curry[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded VII[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Mercenaries[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Alliance[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Coalition[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Knights[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Destiny[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Vanguard[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Guardians[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Souls[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Skies[/url] OPEN EU Division [url=]Shrouded Legends[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Hunters[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Assassins[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Legion[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Outlaws[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Aces[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Heroes[/url] OPEN [b][i][u]PS4[/u][/i][/b] [url=]Shrouded Chaos[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Shade[/url] OPEN [b][i][u]XBOX[/u][/i][/b] [url=]Shrouded Dominion[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Rangers[/url] OPEN Welcome to the family.

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