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3/10/2019 2:51:15 PM

The Lords of Ambros (Chapter 10, Part 3 (continued(1)))

Table of Contents: [b]Chapter 10, Part 3 (continued(1))[/b] Locke, having at this time come near enough to the others’ place to witness the drawing of the blade, began to protest. Roak paid his loyalist no heed. He looked instead into the face of the one before him, focused-to the exclusion of all else-upon the cause of justice. The Warlord had already conceded, of course, that the boy should be let live. He had conceded, too, that he should remain under his protection, rather than be sent away in exile. Roak thought both of these concessions to be considerable mercies. So far as he was concerned, he who engages in the act of murder should himself be killed in turn. For Locke’s sake (though he knew not why the boy should advocate the case of the killer of his friend), he had altered his vengeful course from one of total recompense to one of a mere token return. Hardy, then, would not be made to pay his debts in full. Still, he must be punished-if not an eye for an eye, then he should extract the toll of a tooth, or… Roak thought, suddenly, of the appropriate rate of exchange. He pulled Hardy’s arm to the stone before him, mimicking the boy’s own act of some uncounted days before. The Risen smiled darkly, and thought: [i]As penance for the life of another: the hand that had taken it.[/i] Again, metal fell to flesh and to bone, and the weaker were severed. Hardy loosed a scream. Roak made no move to stop it. The Ambrosians were yet leagues away. They could not hear him. ________________________________________ [Continued]

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