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3/9/2019 9:39:07 PM

Where are the Faction Rally Catalysts?!? (Sunshot Catalyst, Grav. Lance Catalyst, Sweet Bus.Catalyst)

[b][/b]Where are the Faction Rally Catalysts from Season 3? I remember a Bungie Dev. saying that they would bring out the Faction Rally Catalysts for the Sunshot, Graviton Lance and Sweet Business after Forsaken dropped, that were previously locked behind the Faction Rally in Season 3, but didn't explicitly state how we would acquire these. I understand that Bungie is working on new projects etc etc. but it would be nice to get some information on it. Perhaps they could've been released with the upcoming Catalysts for SUROS, Rat King, Hard Light etc etc. that were never released in Season 3 after the first wave of Exotic Catalysts. Thanks for taking your time to read this and if you have any information please reply.

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