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3/8/2019 6:31:50 PM

[XB1] [UK, EU] New Players Welcome! Guardians of the Tavern, a casual & social PvE clan, is recruiting!

[b]Guardians of the Tavern was founded back in the dawn of the original Destiny, with two goals: to have a laugh while enjoying a damn fun game, and build a community that enjoys doing just that. [/b] We are an active casual and social clan that pride ourselves on taking on the challenges of Destiny's PvE at our own pace with laughter and enjoyment, and not worrying about weapon metas or optimal DPS phases. We just focus on enjoying this crazy space magic world with newfound friends wherever they may be. Whether you're a new Guardian, fresh from the Shard of the Traveler with reclaimed Light, or a grizzled ancient with memories of Atheon, loot caves, and Forever29, you'll be welcome in the Guardians of the Tavern. We want to build a community that will always be there for its members. [b]If you feel that the Guardians of the Tavern could be the clan for you then all we ask is four things:[/b] - Have a mic: [i]this will allow us to chat and communicate whether we're patrolling the solar system, or battling through raids. [/i] - Be considerate: [i]whether you're new to the game or have lived it for as long as we have, we pride ourselves in being considerate to one another, and making sure no clanmate is drowned out or trodden over. If you have a problem or a concern in the clan then tell us about it and we can work together to improve the situation. [/i] - Take it easy: [i]were you the first to die in the nightfall? Did you fall short in a mechanic during a raid? [b]Then that's fine! [/b]We all make mistakes, and we pride ourselves on seeing the good from the bad and moving on with strength born anew![/i] - Play a few games with us: [i]if you request to join our ranks then drop in for a strike or two or knock down a few Primevals with us so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. [/i] So drop a comment below or message the founder (Lloyd Jo en es on Xbox Live or on [url=][/url]) with why you'd like to join us. Then request to join [url=]here[/url] and we can get the ball rolling on getting you a nice drink and an armchair in the Tavern! [i][b]CHEERS![/b][/i]

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