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3/8/2019 9:04:31 AM

[BUG] List of MAJOR bugs encountered since 05/03/2019 update

[b]Hello[/b], Since Tuesday I've had a lot of problems with quests and more precisely the weekly. To begin with I couldn't take the weekly I had completed the week before it include : - [i]gambit weekly[/i] - [i]ada-1 weekly (so no way to forge a weapon)[/i] And also when I finished the ones from Petra Venj (Dreaming City) and it doesn't complete the weekly challenge : - [i]Petra Venj weekly[/i] : [url][/url] [url][/url] - [i]On the map[/i] : [url][/url] Plus the quest "Business as usual" doesn't take victory into account more than 5 victories in Gambit [b]normal mode[/b] (to be sure it would count). screen ==> [url][/url] Also the quest for breakneck doesn't count Gambit prime as a gambit match (don't know if it's a bug but still annoying). [b]Thank for reading hope Bungie fix this as soon as possible.[/b]

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