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Are you into raids? Hardcore PVE? Join the Raid Hub discord [XBOX] [90+ Professional Raiders]

[b][u]Raid Hub[/u][/b] [b]About:[/b] Raid Hub is the home for all things raids on xbox. The server is dedicated to players who love to raid and as such, we recognise all your raid achievements. All of your flawlesses, 2/3 mans and and speedruns are noticed. [b]Raid Bot:[/b] We have an exclusive robot on the server called Raid Bot, this robot scans all of the raids on your account and then gives you roles based on your achievements. Once you are given those roles, the bot adds them all up using a point system and gives you a rank on the server. [b]Speedruns Live:[/b] We also have a new feature called Speedruns Live, this is a service which scans your raids in real time and announces to the server when you achieve the fastest weekly time. There is a competition in the server to see who can get the fastest time in each raid. [b]Gallery:[/b] Here is a collection of images showcasing the server and the bot: [b]Summary:[/b] If you are into raids, like doing flawless, 2/3 mans and speedruns then this server is perfect for you. If you want to grow as a PVE player and become a part of a vibrant community which is happy to help you out, then come check us out! [b][u]Server Invite[/u][/b]

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