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Destiny 2

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2/25/2019 10:13:26 PM

Crucible needs balancing

As someone who doesn't play crucible EVERY time I jump on destiny 2 it seems unfair to make the last word quest line require you to grind something that is already broken and unfair to play especially for Hunters, for example someone might only be able to scrape a single percentage on a quick play match and then lose that percentage and an additional 10% in the next game, I understand it is basically a risk and reward system but it still ruins something that is meant to be fun. Alongside this but matchmaking is broken as it seems to put those playing by themselves against a team of 6 players at light level 650 and have grinded the game into the ground while other people, like myself, have other commitments like family, or work, or school/college, or better yet treat it as a game to have fun and relax on.

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