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Изменено (DoomLordKazzar): 3/6/2019 7:01:38 PM

Stronghold + Various Swords

I was lucky enough to get the new Stronghold exotic on my titan last night and I have done some testing. So far I know that: [b]Black Talon[/b] still has ammo drain while guarding Interestingly enough [b]Worldline Zero[/b] does not have any ammo drain [b]Crownsplitter[/b] has no abnormal ammo issues (side note please please please add more aggressive swords) I tested these gauntlets out with [b]It Stared Back[/b] and found it acted the same as Crownsplitter did. Perfect Guard is a little odd. Sometimes I can stand infront of enemies and consistently get health regen, while other times I'll get full regen or half my health regenerated. And finally I noticed that sometimes I'd get a large part of my ammo taken away while guarding with the exotic, acting as if I did not have them on. My final take is that I really love something that pushes swords further into viable use but as of now the exotic is unpredictable.

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