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OBS - Black Screen

Hey folks! I have the black-screen problem on OBS since months. I've tried the solution mentioned by @BNGHelp6 in the supprot forum (--> [url][/url]) and deinstalled Destiny 2 and, cleaned temporary used paths of both programs and reinstalled them after restart. The problem remains though. [b]I've tested following settings:[/b] - fullscreen-window - borderless window - window [b]In OBS I've tested following settings:[/b] - window capture - screen capture I'm playing in windows 10 x64 on actual patch level with actual and orginial hardware-driver and BIOS version. I play on monitor 1 and use monitor 2 for all the streaming apps (OBS, StreamLabs), music, teamspeak, browser and so on. The launch of the game is ok, but when the character selection appears, OBS wents black no matter what setting I do in-game or in OBS. Does anyone have any usefull solution for my problem, that can help me streaming again?

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